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Business Plan

A Business plan is a projection into the future of your idea. Throughout it you will be able to focus on the strengths and weakness that you will meet

Marketing plan

Ok you have your product, now it's time to start the acquisition. Which channel are you going to use? Which budget? which KPI. Marketing plan has the answer.


Besides the amazing idea, at the end you must know how much money you need to get to call your project a success. A financial plan will help with you to understand the "money part" of your project.

Social Media for RETAIL

Restaurant or shop owners: do you know that your potential customers are on facebook? Discover how to find them and convince them to visit you

Public speaking

What do you do with your great idea if you don't know how to spread it? Learn the tips from a speaker who spoke at TEDx. There will be theory and pratice.

Personal marketing

Whether are a politics or a manager or just anybody else, this service will help you to propose yourself to the other and get their trust.


There are two points: the situation where you are and the situation that you want to reach.

We know how you can do that.

We will have an extensive interview with you to understand your need.

How we work


With all the information about you we can organize the strategy and the tactics to make you reach your goal.

We have an internal team of experienced executives and a network around Europe of experts that will work to solve your problem.


Once that we agree on the strategy we can implement it, see the results and then adjust the strategy after the feedback that we receive from the market.

It will be an exciting trip towards your success.

BloomOnFire Team

We are a team located between Uk, Spain and Italy. We have worked in big corporations and we have had (or still have) our own startups. We are expert in communication, some of us come from the world of the associations but in our background there are big corporations such as CITI or DELL. We have spoken at TEDx and we have been on the news.

The activities are coordinated by Vincenzo Rusciano from Italy who manages the network of collaborators all around Europe.

Nobody knows your business better than you but we are expert in all what is around your business and we can help by offering creative and innovative solutions to make your business grow in a sustainable way

Get in touch, it's the first step toward your solution

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